Hallo ihr Lieben,
ich bin wieder zurück, aber diesmal im Doppelpack!
Nach langer Pause haben wir uns entschieden einen neuen Blog anzufangen, denn zu 2. macht es mehr spaß!
Also bitte ab jetzt immer auf den Neuen gehen!
Ab jetzt gibt es auch wieder regelmäßig Posts!
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Lazy + Weekend

Hello hello, 
Sorry I’ve been really lazy the last days when it comes to blogging. I don’t know why, but yeah I just didn’t feel like it, since I was a bit sick too, so yeah whatever. But now I will start blogging regularly again. 😉

Here are some pictures of the weekend, I can’t even remember everything that happened. But during the day I was lazy and probably spend my time in front of the TV and then one night I went partying and the other night a cozy girls night in a bar!




Shoes-Görtz 17 


ImageShared some potato chips, little cheat meal…


Germanys Next Topmodel started again last night! Finally! Thursday night will now be the highlight of the week. And I am so so so excited about the fact that the models had a fashion show with the clothes from the designer I worked with when I was in LA and the fashion show I went to was the same designer was well! :))


What did you think about last night’s show? I don’t think the models are thaaaaat beautiful.. o:




Fitness & iPhone App!

Hello hello!
Lately I have really been into loosing weight and eating healthy and bla. I’ve been trying to loose weight for suuuuuuch an incredible long time. There were weeks when I worked out every day, and then had a really long break. But now it is time to get my summer body.

So I found this really helpful app called „Kalorienzähler“ and it takes track of everything you eat. It knows all the food brands, and if not, you can scan the code on the food package and it will know it! It is really helpful and shows me the amount of calories I eat. 


Sometimes I would really love to go to the kitchen and grab a chocolate bar. But two better options if you feel like sweets are oranges (I’ve been loving them lately) and popcorn, still less calories than chocolate. But remember, always eat everything in moderation, even if it s a pizza or chocolate once in a while. 😉 Oh and of course do not forget to work out!!Image


Do you have any good tips? 

Easy school outfit.

Oh so sad the weekend is already over! When I went to bed last night, I was so shocked, because the weekend felt like just some hours, and now one week full of school again! I am really sick of all the studying and stuff we have to do for school! 

Since I had no time today to go outside and take pictures, I took a few in my room. It is just a blouse by Monki and a cardigan by Zara. I paired this with simple black leggins. 

How was your monday? 


Wonderful evening, like a dream.

 I had the best time with my boyfriend last night! He told me he has a surprise for me, so I came over to his place and it was just so so beautiful. He put on romantic music, placed candles and rose petals everywhere.. and even cooked for me! So boys can be romantic too, even if they don’t show it all the time, but deep inside they have a heart for romance! 😉 ImageImageImageImage

F*ck you snow.

Good evening everyone! 
Here is today’s outfit. I just put on a big sweater from Monki, since it got really cold again and started snowing which is really annoying!! On my legs I’m just wearing leggins and dark green wedges. I LOVE THEM. I could seriously go hiking with them, they are just so comfortable and I think I bought them at Görtz. I think that store is just in Germany, but I’m not sure. 

Just some hours of school tomorrow and then weekend! Can’t wait! Do you have any weekend plans? 🙂 Image

Outfit and Lookbook!

Hello my dears!
Just took a winter outfit outside in the snow! It’s a very comfortable one, since I don’t like wearing skirts and a lot of jewelry and stuff when it’s so cold outside. I just wanna be warm and comfy, and of course still look quite good. 😉
I put on a shirt from Monki and a big cardigan from Zara, paired with a leggins from H&M and shoes from some cheap store in Germany, can’t remember the name.



Earrings are from Primark!

And I have an accout on Lookbook now!! Here is the link to my profile!! check it out please!

New hair, darker and shorter

Like I already told you, I went to the hairdresser on saturday to get rid of my split ends and get my hair colored a little bit darker. Actually the hairdresser did not cut that much, but

I have the feeling my hair is so much shorter than it was before! And then we decided what to do about my color, cause I was annoyed about always getting my roots done. So she put some blonde hilights on my roots so my hair can grow out and my roots won’t look so and she put a darker shade in my hair, but apparently it will get lighter after some while, so we will see.. 🙂


What do you think of it? 

Sunday Brunch

Good sunday morning everyone! 
We invited my granny this morning for a delicious little sunday brunch. It was so yummy, with fresh bread rolls, eggs, self made shrimps salad and other good things! 

After having no school for three weeks, all the stress at school will start tomorrow again, I could start crying by just thinking off it. 
I got my spliss ends cut yesterday and colored my hair darker, I will post pictures either tomorrow or tuesday !