Pictures from LA Shooting!


Hello from Austria! I woke up this morning and all I could see was snow, nothing else! Since it is really foggy today, we couldn’t go skiing, but I hope the weather will be better tomorrow!

The photographer from the shoot I took part with in LA sent me the picture last night! This is one of them, I will be posting the others in the next few days! I think they look really awesome and I just LOVE the dress, so beautiful! First I thought I look quite weird, but the outcome is so different than I expected. I’m loving it!


8 Gedanken zu „Pictures from LA Shooting!

  1. Mega ! 🙂
    Ich fänd’s echt gut, wenn du vielleicht auch auf Deutsch posten würdest, obwohl es ja echt sehr zeitaufwändig ist. :/

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