Yummy & Easy Snack.

Saw this some days ago on TV and it looked so yummy I just had to try it out! It is so easy, you just put it on some bread or toast and then in the oven, wait for 6 minutes and it is done! They have two more flavors of this, one of them is Pizza but I can’t remember the other one. Pizza is also very yummy, and it does really tasks like it, and has of course a lot less calories than real pizza or tarte flambee. 
Just it some salad with it, and you have an easy lunch or dinner, and it is sooooo easy and yummy! Buy it and tell me what you think! 🙂 





Mini perfumes

I got these two cute mini perfumes a few days ago from my aunt and I think they are so perfect for travelling or just to put in your purse.
I know I know, DAISY and Touch Of Pink are not the newest perfumes, but I still like them, they smell really fresh and like summer. The Touch Of Pink perfume is like cream, you put it on your fingers and then smear it on your neck or behind your ears! ImageImageImage

Hello sun!

When I woke up this morning my first two thoughts were: the sun is shining! The last time I saw some sun was ages ago.. and the secong thing: NO SCHOOL FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS!! It is so amazing to sleep in and not wake up from the alarm clock at 5:50!

Since the weather is so beautiful today, I took some outfit of the day pictures:
It is really time to get my hair dyed again, it looks so gross after a while, but I am just too lazy to get it done and it is always so expensive..
Almost full H&M outfit today:

Shoes: Galeria Kaufhof

Enjoy the beautiful day! xoxo


Good evening everyone,

today was such an exciting day. Today I was finally on TV! If you can recall, I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to work with the designer and a camera team came with. 🙂 We had so much fun today. I was so so happy that all my friends came over!!
The second part of it will be shown next sunday!

It was so weird seeing myself on TV, but we had a lot of fun!

Soooo now it is time to blog intensive again, hihi!
Just took some new pictures. I really love the shirt, my mom bought it from H&M a long long time ago, but I think it looks kinda versace like..
I can’t remember where I got the shorts from.. but they are really really short and tight, which is a bit uncomfortable but shows you it is time to loose weight. 😀

New family member

Since 4 weeks we have a new family member, and it is the cutest you have ever seen! Her name is Coco. Yes, like Coco Chanel. 😀
When my parents came back from their vacation after new years, my mom came in with a pillow and a small, cute cat head looking up! She was soooo small and soft. Our dog and coco are slowly becoming friends.. but the dog is a little bit jealous cause of the cat. Animals act  like humans sometimes, so crazy.Image