Colorful OOTD

UUUUh it’s my second day back in Germany and it is so cold, the leaves are all orange and red, but there is no sun. ;( I had such a jet lag this night, I woke up at three and could not sleep till 5 anymore. Here is today’s outfit:

Bag-Soeme store in LA 



Los Angeles Fashion Week

I went to the Los Angeles Fashion Show last night to see the fashion show of a designer that works with Jacob. It was my first time going to a real fashion show and I loved it. It was like being in Tv, thousands of photographers, journalists and very stylish people. I had so much fun watching it, I sat in the first row which was really special for me, I could so EVERYTHING! I hope I can visit another fashion week soon again! It was so amazing watching the show with all the haute couture clothes and the music, which made it all very dramatic. Thank you Jacob for everything. 

My second day in Los Angeles

Yesterday was my second day in Los Angeles and I met a lot of interesting people. I met a Designer from Dubai, he designs clothes for celebrities, right now he designs clothes for Britney Spears. It was really amazing meeting a famous Designer. Yesterday I started my practical training with Jacob from Shoes for the Stars. It was my first time , and I had so much fun. It was like being in heaven, he had a lot of haute couture dresses that looked sosososososo beautiful, most of them were already worn by Germanys Next Topmodel, Nicky Minaj or even Katy Perry. The best thing that happened yesterday was, that Jacob told me there is a photoshoot on thursday and they will be taking pictures of me too. I will get professional make up, hair and I can wear the haute couture dresses, THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY DREAM AND NOW IT CAME TRUE! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY BEFORE. 
ImageImageHeidi Klum wore these shoes already!!!! haha ImageImageImageImageImageSome new clothes again. I finally found the bag I’ve always wanted, I am so happy now! 


A big hello from Los Angeles!!

Good evening everyone, or good early morning Germany! 
Today was my first day in Los Angeles, and I have seen a lot of cool things. The walk of fame was different than I expected it to be, in TV it always looked really glamorous but in real it is just a pretty normal street with a lot of dirty shops, but after walking around for an extremely long time I finally found some stars with famous people i know, like Michael Jackson. 


ImageWent to Venice Beach too! It was so amazing there, it felt like being in TV, with all the palms and the crazy shops and skaters. But some weird people that follow you and scream weird things at you, iiiiih. ImageImageImageImageImage
Went shopping at Forever 21, I loved it there! I found a lot of nice clothes, but at the end only a few looked good on me, haha like always. 
ImageImageSo damn tired!