Hair routine

So as promised the hair routine post. 


I wash my hair almost everyday, i know you shouldn’t, but ohwell. 


For shampoo i use bale, really cheap brand, but my hairdresser told me that all the brands like herbal essences and stuff are bad for your hair, but balea has washable silicones, so it should be healthier for you r hair. Image

This product is from Redken and it’s like a conditioner you use once a week before you go to bed, so you leave it in, and it should stay in your hair for one week. Makes your ends really soft.


Before i blow dry my hair i put the redken heat protector into the ends of my hair and the balea mousse to my roots to add volume. 



After blow drying i either tease my hair or add this powder to my roots to add some more volume. 


And then when i’m finally done i either the got 2b spray on the left which makes your hair look shiny or the got 2b anti-frizz lotion. 




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