Herstyler curling iron

I was actually planning to do some homework, but i just can’t be bothered, so i decided to talk about a hair product i got introduced to while i was in London.

I went to a mall and there was this stand with some stylists and a lot of different hair products, curling irons in various sizes aswell as flat irons with really nice prints. So this guy told me to sit town and he wrapped my hair around the curling iron and said he’ll let go after 3 secs and then I’ll have gold hair…

And tadaaaa, it did look so much more blond and a little gold too. I soooo wanted to buy it, but I’ll see if i can find it on the internet for a cheaper price.

On their homepage they all cost about 150-250 dollars, which i find a bit expensive! :O



http://herstyler.com/   <—   The website

Talk to you later,



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