Good morning everyone…
Sitting at the airport now and waiting for the gates to open.
Can’t wait to arrive in London! 🙂

i’ll be back in 11 days, so talk to you soon again.


Make up review

Yaaaaay school is over now and the holidays begin! Can’t wait to sleep in again and just not worry about stupid school. 

I got some makeup today so i thought i’ll do a little review



Chanel 56-Chance

Chanel 42-Biarritz


I think these are two really nice spring/summer colors. 




Here you can see what they look like. WIth the brownish color you can add some really nice effect on your lips. 




The other thing i got are 3 clinique foundations, so I’ll see how they are…




And a new powder, and clinique powders are seriously the best, i love them. 🙂 

Last day!

Good morning!
On my way to the last school day, yaaay! But it’s gunna be such a pain. Starting off with double period french and ending the day with a double period chemistry. Oh well, at least we have a break then. 🙂
talk to you later,


every brunette needs a blond friend

Good evening! 
Today has been a really nice day. I went to town with a friend and we looked for a waterproof jacket, because my mom told me to get one for london cause she doesn’t want me walking around with na umbrella the whole time, bla bla 🙂 







Just to make this clear, we are NO justin bieber fans, we just felt like we must take this picture, haha!



Beautiful marchi (;




Here is the jacket. but the stupid sellers left the white thing on the jacket that makes piiiip when you leave the shop , so i’ll have to see how to get that off. seriously, how stupid can someone be?!






Sun is shining!

Yaaay the weather is really nice again, but in the next few days it’ll be raining and cold again. Only 3 days left of school and then easter break 🙂 I’ll be coming home pretty late tonight, but then i’ll be posting more pictures of today

Here’s a quick picture of todays outfit